Comprehensive College Counseling

High school is the perfect time to begin your journey of interest discovery and skill building. We help you develop both personally and professionally and get a head start on college admissions.

What makes Empowerly unique?

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24/7 Team Based Approach

Access to multiple teams including specialized advisors, editors, researchers and admissions board representatives.

Low student-to-counselor ratio

Meet with your counselor anywhere in the world via video

Comprehensive online portal for students and parents

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The best counselor is someone who understands your goals and motivations.

Our counselors are carefully matched with you based on criteria such as experience, interests and personality.

No matter what your goals are, we have a counselor that’s right for you.

In addition to your counselor, you will also have access to specialized advisors in numerous fields of expertise.


Academic Strategy


Maximize Your Summer


Extracurricular Guidance


Win Science Fairs and Other Competitions


Develop Your Passions


Manage Stress


Empowerly combines years of industry experience with the latest insights in college admissions data to give you the best chance at admission.


Empowerly students have a 3x higher college admissions rate.


Write Standout Essays


Get Stellar Letters of Recommendation


Customize Your College List


Interview Prep


Keep Track of All Deadlines


Score Summer Internships

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  • Empowerly Online Portal - Use the portal to schedule and join meetings with your counselor, view meeting summaries submitted by your counselor, track your results, and more. Our portal also houses our essay and research question database and access to Empowerly's research team to answer questions.

  • Empowerly Startup Internship Matching Program - Need something to do this summer? We can help boost your application by matching you with a startup internship. Students send us their resumes and we pass it along to startups that match their interests and goals. While most of these startups are locating in Silicon Valley, you don’t have to be, as most offer remote internships as well. 

  • Monthly Office Hours with the Executive Team - Ask us anything and get instant feedback

  • Research Team - In addition to your counselor, we offer access to the concierge level service of our research teams. Whether its a personalized list of nearby healthcare volunteer opportunities or calculating your chances of getting into a specific business school, you can easily receive expert knowledge and the latest trends in admissions data. Our counselors frequently coordinate with the research team, other counselors, and former admissions officers to ensure we find the right plan for your needs.

  • Variety of Experienced Counselors - Our counselors consists of former admissions officers, seasoned college counselors, graduates of top 30 universities, and experts in fields such as computer science, medicine, business, humanities, and more. Each counselor undergoes a rigorous review process to make sure they meet our criteria for experience, interpersonal skills, and passion for education (less than 5% of applicants are accepted).

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