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How to Best Support Your Child Through College Admissions

Purpose: Here from Empowerly parents, Leslie and Shilpa, about their experience successfully leading their children through the college admissions process. They’ll be talking about what the college admissions process entails, some best practices for supporting your child through the process, and what parts of the process they were directly involved in. For any and all questions about how to line your child up for a successful college application journey, these two are the perfect resource!

  • When? September 10th, 2019 5:00pm PT

  • Where? Online (link will be emailed once you register)

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Meet Leslie:

Leslie has 13 years of experience guiding her four children through high school and the college admission process. Her children were accepted to many top 20 universities including Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Dartmouth, Duke, Vanderbilt, Stanford, and Notre Dame, and they continued their education at top medical and business schools.

Meet Shilpa:

Shilpa completed her residency at UVM and practices medicine in Southern California. She had to balance working full time and raising children. She was instrumental in helping her kids discover extracurriculars, win awards, start clubs, and obtain scholarships. Her daughters attended UC Berkeley, completed masters, and have gone on to pursue successful careers in business and medicine.