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Empowerly students are admitted to colleges at 3x the national rate.

We’ll discuss your student information and suggest

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No risk and no credit card required.

Personalized College Counseling

Personalized College Counseling

Your dedicated Empowerly counselor is personally matched to you and works with you through every step of your educational journey.

Customized Pricing

Customized Pricing

Empowerly sees that each student is unique and in different stages of the college preparation process. Custom pricing reflects those needs.

Triple Your Acceptance Chances

Triple Your Acceptance Chances

Empowerly students are admitted to colleges at 3 times the national rate, to Ivy League schools at 3.1 times the national rate, and to Top 25 colleges at 3.3 times the national rate.


What is Empowerly College Counseling?

Empowerly is an online platform and service providing 1-on-1 college and career advice for applicants, as well as 24/7 resources designed for student success.

College Admissions Assistance

College Applications Approach

We believe there are several critical junctures in life - applying to college, graduate school, internships, your first full-time job. Using a unique combination of data science, online tools, and personalized advice, Empowerly helps with everything you need throughout your educational and professional journey.


How it Works

After a free consultation with our program advisor, your goals and interests are placed into our matching algorithm to identify your best counselor match. From there, you will meet your counselor and begin building your future.

College Counselor


Your counselor is personally matched to you and works with you every step of your educational journey.

College Essays

Editing Team

Submit essays and applications in the Empowerly Portal. Receive edits and feedback within 24 hours.

Research Team

Research Team

Submit research requests in the Empowerly Portal and receive personalized responses within 48 hours.

Specialized Advice

Specialized Advice

Access industry leaders in any field when you need specialized advice.

Case Managers

Case Managers

Question or concerns? Our dedicated case managers are available.


The Empowerly Portal

Empowerly’s online services are housed in our comprehensive portal. Access all the tools for success in one place.

The Empowerly Portal
  • Connect with counselors

  • Get essays edited

  • Get personalized recommendations

  • Review applications with former admissions officers

  • Get internship placements

  • Track tasks and deadlines

Triple your acceptance chances

Free and premium services are available. No risk and no credit card required.

True passion and interests for college

Empowerly, and our counselor specifically, have been awesome to work with and have inspired my son to really work hard during his senior year of high school and to help discover his true passion and interests for college.

— Scott L

Evaluates a fit between students and organization

Empowerly is one of the few organizations I’ve met that evaluates a fit between students and organization.

— Amir H

Effective Process

If you're wondering about how effective the process is, I would say that I accomplished more than I expected and got into schools that would have been out of my reach otherwise.

— Casey M