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Empowerly Services


College Counseling

Get matched with a counselor based on your educational interests and work style. Your personal counselor will guide you through academic planning, extracurricular development, college list creation, personal essay formation, and other parts of the college application process.


Essay Editing

A team of experienced former admissions officers and writing specialists will edit and provide detailed feedback on your essays.


Research Requests

Empowerly’s team of college admissions experts can help answer your nuanced questions. For example, they can analyze your profile and create a college list or give you a list of extracurriculars to consider. They save you time and energy that you can spend developing your personal story.


Summer Planning

We’ll help you find summer programs and volunteer opportunities to apply to. You can browse our database of programs and volunteer opportunities to round out your extracurricular activities.


Admissions Committee

Before hitting that “Submit” button, get your application checked! Get feedback from former admissions officers from the schools you are applying to before sending your application off.


Startup Internships

Through our Startup Internship Matching Program, we’ll put you in contact with startups looking for qualified summer interns! We can help get your foot in the door for a potential high school summer internship.


The Empowerly Portal will help you
create a visual high school roadmap. identify your best fit colleges. improve your application and essays.

We understand keeping track of your college applications can get disorganized. Our intuitive online platform simplifies the application process and ensures you won’t miss any important details and deadlines.


Pick the Right Plan for You!



  • Enjoy limited portal features (school search, school list, task manager, calendar, visual roadmap)

  • Option to purchase essay edits, research requests, and counseling session à la carte



  • Access all portal features, including database of successful college essays, internship, and resources

  • 5-15 counseling sessions per year

  • 1-5 Essay edits per year

  • 1-5 Research request per year

  • Parent portal



  • Access all portal features, including database of successful college essays, internship, and resources

  • 16+ counseling sessions per year

  • 6+ Essay edit per year

  • 6+ Research request per year

  • Dedicated engagement manager

  • Parent Portal


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