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We are always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about education to join our team.  Have you won any science fairs? Or have you been accepted to BMSD programs, top law schools, medical schools, business schools, PHD programs? We are always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about education to join our team. (Pictured above: Empowerly Marketing Team)

Please email with any questions. 


Full Stack Software Engineer



We are looking for part-time, remote college counselors for high school students. We are seeking applicants who attend/graduated from a top 40 college (Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT, etc).

We also prefer applicants who have a STEM background (preferably computer science / engineering / medicine) and /or have experience working in college admissions at top colleges.

Many of our students live in the San Francisco Bay Area and apply for top 40 colleges and UC colleges. We particularly have many pre-med students (some interested in BS/MD programs) and aspiring computer science majors.

  • College Counselors (primary need) help high school students through the college admissions process. Responsibilities include creating academic and extracurricular road maps, providing college application structure and feedback, and assisting with passion discovery and early career development.
  • Graduate School Counselors help students through graduate school admissions process. Requires knowledge and experience in specific graduate school admissions processes such as medical school, law school, MBA programs, PhD programs, and more.
  • Career Counselors provide career advice to get accepted to competitive internships and jobs, including passion discovery, resume and cover letter editing, interview prep, networking tips, and more.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Keep up to date with current college admission changes
  • Expect to take 3-10 students, flexible based on your schedule and bandwidth
  • Advise students about extracurriculars that expand interests and may potentially present leadership opportunities.
  • Help students with meaningful summer plans by applying to internships, explore competitions, research opportunities and community service options.
  • Create a plan for standardized testing that includes strategies for improving scores and help decide which tests are appropriate.
  • Help create college list, rate colleges for student (reach, target and safety) and offer tips for college visits.
  • Guidance through the entire application process: personal statement, activities, resume, recommendation letters, essay review and edits, utilizing research when necessary, reviewing entire application materials before submitting.
  • Strategizing plan for early action, early decision, regular decision as well as waitlisted strategies and college choice guidance.
  • Discuss financial aid resources and guidance as well as merit scholarship resources.
  • Prepare for sessions in advance, be on time, log sessions in a timely manner, stay in touch with students, maintain healthy relationship with parents and include parents in all communications.
  • Attend monthly team meetings.
  • Utilize resources available within Synocate to provide optimal advice for all students.
  • Monitor Synocate email account and Slack account for up-to-date Synocate communications
  • Passion for education, talent for teaching, essay writing, and essay editing

We're Looking For:

  • Top 40 college graduate (advanced degrees like MD, PhD, MBA, JD, or Masters are a plus)
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to plan around and meet deadlines
  • Dedication to client service
  • Commitment to stick with student for multi-year package
  • Experience with the college admissions process is preferred

Required Materials:

  • Resume
  • Writing sample, preferably college and/or graduate school admissions essay
  • List of colleges and/or graduate schools you’ve helped students get accepted to
  • List of colleges and/or graduate schools you were accepted


Our editors work through our online platform to edit a variety of admissions and academic essays.


  • Ability to provide both "big picture" and detail-oriented feedback
  • Experience in education or admissions a plus

We're Looking For:

  • Strong written communication skills and grasp of the English language
  • College student or graduate

Please include a writing sample in your email

Marketing/Sales Intern

We are a rapidly growing tech startup looking for a part-time Marketing/Sales intern who can help us grow our brand and interact with prospective customers. The marketing role is focused on hosting and organizing workshops and webinars, finding new channels of growth, and monitoring conversion metrics from these channels. This is an opportunity to work on the ground floor of a startup and get experience in an exciting space. This is a part-time role (~10 hours per week) and can be done part in-person and part online.


  • Prior experience in marketing or sales is a major plus
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Ability to take ownership
  • An interest in startups
  • Passion for education and for startups
  • Willing to execute on creative ideas

We're Looking For:

  • Can-do attitude
  • At least a freshman in college
  • At least 10/hours per week of commitment