Your life will have several critical junctures - applying to college, going to graduate school, finding internships, and your first full-time job. The Empowerly team is here with you every step of the way.

Our History:

Empowerly was born in a Stanford dorm room by founders who navigated the stressful admissions process and recognized the need for personalized college admissions guidance. Empowerly is an online platform and counseling service that provides personalized, one-on-one advice on undergraduate and graduate admissions to students worldwide. Empowerly supports all stages of the educational journey from high school to college and early career development.

The Empowerly Advantage:

Empowerly equips each applicant with both a comprehensive online portal and a dedicated team of counselors, essay editors, and researchers. With unparalleled resources at hand, Empowerly students are able to genuinely take control of their admissions journey.

As a result, our students are admitted to top universities at 3x the national rate.

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Meet the Empowerly Team:

Our experienced college counselors include former admissions officers, advisors with 10+ years of experience, graduates of top universities, international science fair winners, and more. Our students are admitted to top universities at 3x the national rate.

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…and many more!