Empowerly Partners and Affiliates

Over the last few years, Empowerly is proud to partner with other organizations to bring education events, workshops, or college counseling services to employees and community members, as well as special discounts for Empowerly students. If you are interested in hosting an Empowerly event or working with us, please contact us.

Who are our partners?



Empowerly collaborates with a multitude of diverse educational institutions to provide in-person and virtual workshops relevant to their curriculum and the college admissions process. Our workshops are facilitated by our expert counselors and are customized to fit each school’s unique needs.



Empowerly partners with a variety of businesses to provide workshops, insights on the latest in college admissions, and admissions counseling training. Empowerly has speakers available with expertise in a variety of topics to suit your business needs.


Community Organizations

Empowerly develops relationships with local communities by making our resources accessible for students and families. We partner with local libraries and community organizations to host pro bono workshops by our college admissions experts, generating a lasting impact on college-bound students.