Empowerly Services

We are a dynamic team of counselors, writers, admissions officers equipped with 24/7 resources designed for your success. 


What does Empowerly do?


Empowerly Counselors

Your dedicated Empowerly counselor is personally matched to you and works with you through every step of your educational journey.



Submit research requests in the Empowerly Portal and receive personalized responses within 48 hours.


Specialized Advisors

Access industry leaders in any field when you need specialized advice. Advisors include former admissions officers.


Essay Editors

Submit essays and applications in the Empowerly Portal. Receive edits and feedback within 24 hours.


Who is Empowerly for?


The Empowerly Portal is designed for all grade levels.

Empowerly counselors, advisors, researchers, and editors help students through every stage of becoming college and career ready. Whether it be finding your passions and interests, applying to internships, or getting accepted to your best-fit college, Empowerly is there for you.

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Pick the right plan for you!


✔ Access all portal features, including database of successful college essays, internship, and research program resources

✔ Counseling sessions

✔ Essay edits

✔ Research requests


✔ Enjoy all free portal features (limited)

✔ Bonus: 1 essay edit and 1 research request

✔ Option to purchase more essay edits and research requests