Empowerly Services

We’re not just a counseling company. We are a dynamic team and a host of 24/7 resources designed for your success.



Your dedicated Empowerly counselor is personally matched to you and works with you through every step of your educational journey. Receive personalized, one-on-one guidance from a counselor with expert knowledge in your desired field.


Specialized Advisors

Access industry leaders in any field when you need specialized advice. Advisors include former admissions officers.


Submit research requests in the Empowerly Portal and receive personalized responses within 48 hours.

Essay Editors

Submit essays and applications in the Empowerly Portal. Receive edits and feedback within 24 hours.

Case Managers

Question or concerns? A dedicated case manager is available.


The Empowerly Portal

Empowerly’s online services are housed in our comprehensive portal.

Roadmap to college deciscion making and planning
Organizer to track your college application deadlines
College directory for enrollment info, campus life, etc.
Community board to discuss college related topics
Essay editing feedback that is tailored to your goals
Expert knowledge and advice from our research team
1-on-1 sessions with a custom matched counselor
Comprehensive guidance on your college applications
Volunteer and summer internship programs
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